The Blues Brothers at The Belcourt’s Second Saturday Outdoor Cinema

I’m going to say this only once, because in all reality it doesn’t even need to be said: the Blues Brothers is one of the greatest movies of all time.

I first saw The Blues Brothers when I was in Jr. High and have seen it countless times since (I stopped counting years ago). And you know what? I still laugh at every joke. It’s so well-crafted, so funny, and the music is pretty awesome. As you could probably guess, calling this my favorite movie during my younger years didn’t exactly help my popularity, but I didn’t care, I was too busy enjoying the Blues Brothers. The cool kids might have rather seen Jackass or Scary Movie 27 but you wouldn’t have caught me dead seeing that crap. I knew what humor was, and it certainly wasn’t called White Chicks.

Last year the Belcourt filled me with joy when they picked The Jerk as one of their Second Saturday Outdoor Cinema movies, and this year they’ve made me fall in love with them all over again by starting off the summer with a screening of The Blues Brothers. Belcourt, you’ve outdone yourself this time in pleasing lovers of good movies and the outdoors. I would bring my Blues Brothers blanket if I wasn’t afraid of it getting dirty.

Speaking of what to bring, I HIGHLY suggest bringing a low-to-the-ground camping chair. At the very least bring a pillow to sit on, but chairs are absolutely the best. That pavement is unforgiving even if you have something softer to sit on. Also, feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks, but bring a couple of dollars to donate to the Belcourt. Even though these films are free for us they still have to pay to show the movie. Second Saturday Outdoor Cinema exists because people support it.

Hopefully nothing will make you unable to attend the film, for example run out of gas, get a flat tire, not have enough money for cab fare, lose your tux at the cleaners, have an old friend come in from out of town, have someone steal your car, undergo an earthquake, flood, or locusts (though you may still have to fight some cicadas).




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