Taste of Music City

Food: Nashville has a lot of it. From meat & threes to hot chicken to fantastic burgers and beyond, Nashville has some good food going on. But sometimes that good food isn’t easy to find. My first year in Nashville I always complained because there wasn’t any awesome food in Nashville. Wah wah wah. I was so used to my Cincinnati delights (Skyline, Graeters, LaRosas) that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me! Of course, it didn’t help that I didn’t have a car that year, but I digress.

One of my favorite festivals back home is the Taste of Cincinnati. There were tons of booths of Cincinnati-centric food, there was music, and it was located right downtown. I could eat Izzy’s until I exploded if I wanted to, and for an affordable price.

Taste of Music City, I am happy to report, promises the same kind of experience I’ve joyfully had my entire life, only instead of my once and former home it features my current and future home. There will be approximately 50 food vendors, which is far too much to eat in one sitting, so don’t even think about it! You’ll be buying the food with tickets that you have to buy first — either now or at the festival — and I think I read somewhere that none of the entrees will cost more than eight tickets.

In addition to the food stuffs there will be plenty of entertainment. Street performers, beer garden, kid zone, eating contests and live music. Performers will include Girl Talk (not that Girl Talk), Jason O’Toole, Ashlee Hewitt, Sarah Darling, Jeff Bates, San Rafael Band, and Mike Bauer.

Taste of Music City will take place this Saturday, June 4th from 11am-10pm in Public Square Park. Parking underneath the square is only $3, but will probably fill up, so get there early, eat much food, and be happy.



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