I Am With You: A Celebration of Walt Whitman’s 192nd Birthday

Walt Whitman is largely hailed as one of America’s greatest poets of all time, largely because, let’s face is, he is. He wasn’t always appreciated in his own time – his critics thought him to be crude and unpolished – but he still managed to influence generations upon generations of poets. Whitman was a humanist and sought to write for the common man, something that was largely unheard of in his time. He even got in a bit of trouble for overtly sexual themes in his writing, especially in Leaves of Grass, one of his collections of poetry.

Tonight would be Whitman’s 192nd birthday and to celebrate it the Scarritt-Bennett Center is hosting an open-mic Whitman poetry reading. The event starts at 6:45, so bring a copy of your favorite Whitman poem simply show up and enjoy some poetry being read out-loud, the way it’s meant to be heard. You are also invited to share your feelings about Walt’s poetry, so please don’t hold back. It’s sure to be a great, friendly night and who knows, there might even be some light refreshments.

Happy birthday, Walt!



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