2-4-1 Tuesdays: Mafioza’s Pizzeria and Neighborhood Pub

2-4-1 Tuesdays is a weekly feature on Nashville for Free highlighting local happy hours and other drink specials, delivered every Tuesday afternoon. If you hear of any great deals or would like to see your favorite bar covered, let us know in the comments. Drink responsibly!

With the one-two punch of pizza and alcohol, Mafioza’s is definitely one of the most popular spots in Nashville on Tuesday nights. And how can you resist? Located in the heart of 12 South, Mafioza’s has tons of outdoor seating, two bars, delicious pizza and a terribly friendly staff. It’s so popular on Tuesdays, in fact, that I would only recommend showing up before 6pm or after 8pm, unless you feel like waiting for half an hour. But even then, grabbing a couple beers from the bar and hanging out isn’t that bad.

Always open late (3pm), Mafioza’s is a good spot any night of the week, but drop by on Sunday and get 2-4-1 beers without the crowd. Regardless, I’m there just about every week on Tuesday night, and despite my experiments at other two-fers, I’m always drawn back to that Italian powerhouse. If you see me, make sure to say “hello”!


TUES: 2-4-1 pizza slices, well drinks and wine until 9pm, 2-4-1 beer all night

SUN: 2-4-1 beer all night

And make sure you check out our photographer’s Mafioza’s pics from a couple months back!

– Matt