Street Theatre Company Presents: No More Secrets

The Street Theatre Company is a family-friendly troupe of adults and youth alike celebrating life, the arts and community. Producing community-driven theatre since 2005, they’ve already delivered classics such as Beauty and the Beast, the Wiz, Tuesdays with Morrie and Hairspray, as well as several youth-led productions. And the 2011 season is their biggest yet.

Now, tonight, and tonight only, with support from the Martha O’Bryan Center, the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission and the Tennessee Arts Commission, STC will be producing a special performance of the family-friendly musical play, No More Secrets. No More Secrets is written for elementary school students, and is currently in the middle of a ten school tour this spring alone. From the Martha O’Bryan Center’s website:

The play is designed to entertain while at the same time provide children with information about child abuse and how they can protect themselves and others from abuse. The show is performed by professional actors who have been trained by family counselors, child advocates and child protection agencies professionals. The play is 45-minutes in length followed by a 15 minutes question and answer period during which important elements of the play are emphasized.

The performance is tonight at 6pm at the Martha O’Bryan Center.