Scene Report: fEASTival Nashville

This past Saturday brought the first fEASTival Nashville. As you may have guessed by the name, the festival was held in East Nash and promised all the best the neighborhood had to offer

There were food trucks galore and plenty of great music, that’s for sure. I mean, there was basically a food court and there were three different stages for music. For a festival in its first year fEASTival did a commendable job.

However, there were a few things that could be improved upon. Firstly, you have to purchase food tickets to get food from the vendors, and there was no standard entree price nor a menu up at the ticket counter that listed the vendors and their food prices. This typically meant that you’d either buy too many tickets and might waste money or you’d have to sheepishly return to the ticket counter to buy more. I understand that tickets serve their purpose for festivals, but I don’t like having to buy them blindly like that.

The biggest disappointment at fEASTival was the lack of artists. I was expecting more pretty and interesting works by local artisans to peruse while eating my Banging Taco. Maybe the threat of rain kept some people away, but next year I just hope that they get more booths of stuff to buy.

So basically there were two things I really hope fEASTival imrpoves upon next year. It’s obvious that a lot of work and went into it, and for a first year street fair it was pretty well-stocked with food and tunes. I take that back, the food and tunes rivaled any other fest in Nashville. Hope to see it come back and be even more rocking next year!



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