Art Museum Day at the Frist

There are so many reasons to love the Frist. They’re kind of the only major art museum in the area, but thankfully they don’t coast on that. They also bring great lectures, films, and other event to compliment their diverse art collections, and today you can see their art for free.

Today’s free day is part of the Association of Art Museum Directors’ (AAMD) Art Museum Day which also falls on International Museum Day (it’s just a good day for museums dudes). There’s also a theme to go with today (museum and memory) and this is what the Frist has to say about it:

Participation by AAMD member museums emphasizes the lasting impact art museums have on their communities, highlights the value of the visual arts in society, and provides new opportunities for audiences to participate in the wide-ranging programs that art museums offer.

There are some pretty cool exhibits at the Frist today, and almost all of them are closing on May 29th, including Vishnu: Hinduism’s Blue Skinned Savior, Simen Johan: Until The Kingdom Comes and Hindu Home Shrines, so don’t hesitate any longer on seeing those.