The Clutters In-Store at Grimey’s

The Clutters are coming to Grimey’s tonight! No, no, no, not the family from the Truman Capote classic In Cold Blood, though if that was the first thing that popped into your mind I have to commend your excellent taste in literature.

But I digress. Yes, the band The Clutters is coming to Grimey’s tonight at 6pm sharp. This is the band the the fine folks at Grimey’s loved so much they recommended them to Cameron Crowe when the came to Grimey’s. Mr. Crowe (or should I say, shaper of my youth) liked them so much that he put them in his best music of the year list. And apparently the Clutters love Grimey’s because they’re going to rock the house fo’ free tonight.

Isn’t it wonderful when things go full-circle like that?

Here’s the deal; the Clutters are a great band. Their brand of rock is fun, not pretentious, and I’m pretty sure they will blow your face off in a non-death-metal sort of way. Their new album Breaking Bones will be out on May 10th (a very important day for this blogger), but if you catch their sure-to-be-rocking in-store at Grimey’s you can get it a whole week early! Being a whole week ahead of your friends? That’s reason enough to go in my book! Of course, there will also be free beer at this event, so hopefully that’ll tip the scales for you.



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  • HAHA, way to bust out the In Cold Blood reference