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Meet Vanderbilt Alumni Authors

21 Apr

When you have a school as old and renowned as Vanderbilt you’re obviously going to have some success stories about alumni. Tonight Vanderbilt is going to honor some of its grads who are successful authors at the Heard Library Community Room at 5:30pm. The featured authors are Eric EtheridgeCharles Euchner and Alex Heard.

Specifically these writers have all written about the early years of the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, the official name of the event is apparently “From Jim Crow to the March on Washington: Alumni Authors Look Back on the Beginnings of a Movement,” but I guess they figured that was too long for event listings.

Alex Heard has been featured on N4F in the past for another event involving his work titled The Eyes of Willie McGee: A Tragedy of Race, Sex and Secrets in the Jim Crow South. The book is about a young African American man who was executed in in 1951 for allegedly raping a white housewife (To Kill a Mockingbird, anyone?). It was named a Best Book of 2010 by the Washington Post.

Charles Euchner’s latest book is Nobody Turn Me Around: A People’s History of the 1963 March on Washington. It’s about the significance of the August 28 March on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech in the context of the overall Civil Rights Movement.

Eric Etheridge is the author and photographer of Breach of Peace, a collection of portraits from the Mississippi Freedom Riders of 1961. Together, these authors will represent a wide berth of perspective on the Civil Rights Movement, and will engage history buffs and authors alike.

Again, this takes place in the Community Room at Vanderbilt’s main library tonight. Things will get started at 5:30.


Film Screening: The Barbarian Invasions

20 Apr

I think you all could probably guess how I feel about International Lens. Free movies every week? What’s there to complain about, I think it’s a great series and I’m glad Vanderbilt does it every school year.

But all good things must come to an end, and as Vanderbilt students get ready for exams and summer International Lens has to come to an end tonight. The last screening of the school year is a film called The Barbarian Invasions. Here’s the plot summary:

Seventeen years after the Decline of the American Empire, a group of left-wing Québec intellectual friends reunite around their friend suffering from terminal cancer. A melancholic retrospective on the utopian ideals of Québecois society in the 1960s and 70s.

Oh yeah, and this movie one the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2004. That means it’s probably good. Also, it means that it’s subtitled, but reading is a small price to pay for a really good movie. It screens tonight at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema at 7pm.

2-4-1 Tuesdays: Otter’s Chicken

19 Apr

Otter’s Chicken on Demonbreun is already one of my favorite spots to get lunch: tasty chicken, great service and convenient, free parking. They have lots of seating, lots of TVs and lots of amenities. Plus, you’re basically on Music Row and within eye-shot of the naked people statue, pretty awesome. It’s a quick, delicious solution to your daily hunger problem, but little did I know it was a quick, cheap solution to your daily alcohol problem, too! (probably should have reworded that).

Despite being a sports bar, Otter’s isn’t much of a bar atmosphere: it’s super clean, not too loud and well-lit (not a bad thing). They don’t have a bar or any drafts, just a nice selection of bottled domestic and specialty beers at some killer prices: $3 bottles and $13 buckets for domestics, $3.50 bottles and $15 buckets for specialties. Toss a little happy hour into that mix, and you’re set up for a cheap buzz. They’ve got two-for-one long-necks, half-priced fried pickles or fried mushrooms and .60¢ wings. That’s pretty legit! My only complaint is their designation of my go-to brew, Yeungling, as a specialty beer, but I’ll gladly pay the extra .50¢.


MON – SAT, 3 – 7PM: 2-4-1 beer, .60¢ wings, and half-off fried pickles or fried mushrooms!

- Matt

“All That Jazz” with Shenole Latimer

19 Apr

Jazz music is important in that it is something uniquely American, which is a rare distinction to be had amongst anything that we take for granted in this country. I guess Country music is uniquely American as well, but who wants to claim ownership over that? (KIDDING). But, for as much of a Music City that Nashville is, we’ve always had a pretty gaping hole where Jazz might once have occupied. Thankfully, in addition to the excellent Nashville Jazz Workshop, Nashville is also very much a college town, and Jazz enthusiasts have at least some opportunity to experience the form.

Yet, Jazz is something that remains under-appreciated by many of us; and it’s nobody’s fault. Jazz is in it’s own world: it requires a different mindset than Pop/Rock, and while you don’t need to understand anything about Jazz to enjoy it, you’ve still got to do a little personal searching. Enter Shenole Latimer–renowned saxophonist (think Kenny G with more integrity), composer and educator–to prime you to appreciate a little Jazz.

Presenting a program entitled “What’s All That Jazz About?”, Latimer will perform live, play classic listening examples, lecture and take questions in order to educate you to follow along with jazz tunes. Starting at 6:30p at the Hermitage Library, this will be a fun, enlightening event for the whole family, so bring out your snapping fingers! (more…)

Scene Report: Record Store Day 2011

18 Apr

I have dealt with a lot of different kinds of weather at Record Store Days and other outdoor sales at Grimey’s. I’ve braved the rain, nasty heat, and have experienced perfect days, but never before have I wished I brought a hat and gloves to flip through crates of vinyl at Grimey’s.

I don’t need to tell you all that it was cold this past Saturday. You were here, you know that. If you were smart you went to the Nashville Film Festival. If you were dumb you wore shorts and a t-shirt to Rites of Spring. If you were me you took turns warming up inside of Grimey’s and trying to find hidden treasures in the bins outside.


Tax Day Freebies – 2011

18 Apr

Let’s get this out of the way, tax day sucks. You probably have less money than you did yesterday. That, or you’re one of the rare souls who’s getting a refund (I think I’ll be $19 richer this year). Thankfully some businesses are attempting to relieve the pain of taxes with free stuff and discounts, hooray! Here’s a little list for ya:

  • PF Chang’s - 15% discount off take-out and dine-in orders
  • Cinnabon – two free Classic Cinnamon Bites from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Whole Foods – no sales tax on your fancy groceries
  • Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream – free ice cream sundae 3-6pm
  • Chili’s – free appetizer or dessert with the purchase of an entree, you just have to get the coupon here.
  • Papa John’s - a large, original crust pizza with up to four toppings for just $10.40 if you order online and use the code 1040
  • Office Depot - shredding up to five pounds of paper and offering to copy 25 pages of tax document free of charge. You must bring this coupon in before April 23

Sadly, the deals aren’t quite as sweet this year. Though they’ve participated in the past, Starbucks, Subway, TGI Friday’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts won’t be offering any freebies. If you know of any other local deals for tax day let me know!


Weekly Highlights – April 18-23rd

17 Apr


Rock’n’Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge – 6:30pm, 21+
What, you think you know more rock minutia than I do? Well, you’re probably right, but if you really want a challenge then you should hit up this event. It consists of three rounds of questions, two rounds of “name that tune,” and the rock and roll-est of final wagers where you can bet (and possibly lose) it all. The prizes are $50, $25 or $10 to be spent at Mercy Lounge. Plus, everyone gets free parking and beer specials all night. It’s about teams, so grab some friends. Also, this week there will be a TON of sweet Fleet Foxes prizes, so don’t miss out!

8 off 8th Road to Bonnaroo at the Mercy Lounge – 9pm
This is one of those special 8 off 8th performances where a winner will get to go to Bonnaroo, so go support your favorite local bands. Playing tonight will be Action!, Cherub, The Clutters, Kingston Springs, PUJOL, Sarah Silva, Tallest Trees, and Uncle Skeleton.

The Podunk Sessions at 3rd and Lindsley – 8pm
Free music from Dave Pahanish, Emily West, Marcel, Eric Paslay, Jessica Andrews, Kristen Lee, Bonnie Biship, Rachel Loy, Brad Tursi, and more.

A Night at the Opera at Lipscomb’s Ward Hall – 8pm
Lipscomb University vocal students perform selected arias and scenes from the operatic literature, such as scenes from Verdi’s La Traviata in Italian, Bizet’s Carmen in French, a scene in English from Joseph W. Clokey’s Asian opera The Nightingale and a tribute to American composer Leonard Bernstein with a humorous selection from Candide and selections from Trouble in Tahiti.


Scene Report: Yelawolf

15 Apr

Thanks to our good friends at AEG Live, we were able to give away a pair of ticket’s to Tuesday’s premier event at the Mercy Lounge: Yelawolf. And they were nice enough to include a pair of tickets for yours truly, as well. Shucks, thanks guys! Well, let me just say, the show was AWESOME. I wasn’t too familiar with Yelawolf’s work up until this point, but, for the limited material he’s released, he’s crafted an incredible live show. Makes sense why he just got signed to Shady Records.

Chancellor Warhol and Wick-It the Instigator opened the night up and got the crowd ready. I’m not sure if the show was sold out, but it was packed with a pretty great audience. When Yelawolf finally came out I had to cover my ears from all of the screaming. After his first song, Yelawolf addressed the crowd: “Y’all know I lived in Antioch for like seven years, right? Nashville is like a second home to me. But tonight, it’s my mothaf*ckin first home!” Ear-piercing cheers responded. The set-list was relatively short, but covered all of his hits, including “Pop the Trunk”, “I Just Wanna Party” and “Box Chevy”. Our good friend, @KatieChow was able to grab some photos, so I’ll let those speak for themselves. Keep an eye on this guy!

- Matt

Scene Report: Ice Cream + Beer = Gas

14 Apr

Well, maybe it was the delicious SATCO queso I bummed off our dedicated editor, Emily, that was to blame… But either way, I felt bad for the people crammed behind me at last night’s Yelawolf show. Can I just say, this is an amazing week to be broke, there is so much free stuff going on! Loads of free screenings at the Belcourt (a rare treat), an unusual assortment of free concerts, RECORD STORE DAY and a ton of other events this weekend. The hardest part is deciding where to spend my time (and finding the time to get to them). Spring is catching a hold of us and I love it.

Yesterday was no exception. It was a beautiful day to spend outside, and likewise, a beautiful day to grab a free cone from Ben and Jerry’s! While I would never recommend skipping class for any reason (read: disclaimer), I’m pretty satisfied with my decision seeing that I was able to beat the crowd in a big way. Showing up around 2pm, there was definitely a line out the door, but it was–by my ultra-scientific measurements–about a million times longer by the time I finished enjoying my Late Night Snack cone. B&J’s were prepared, hiring a security officer to direct the line and make sure no one was blocking traffic or generally causing mayhem. Either way, I would have been happy to wait two minutes or twenty minutes for a treat like that. Also, my hat goes off to those brave, tireless B&J’s scoopers. (more…)

Rites of Spring Battle of the Bands

14 Apr

Just because we didn’t get press passes for Rites of Spring and just flat-out can’t afford to go this year (tragic) doesn’t mean we can’t still experience a little bit of what the Vanderbilt festival has to offer for free. Every year Rites has a battle of the bands the day before the real festival gets started (gee whiz, that’s today!) on the alumni lawn. It’s pretty cool because the top two bands actually get to play an early set one day at Rites. Not a bad deal. Oh, and apparently there’s going to be a silent disco afterwards.

Here’s the lineup:

7:00-7:20 Jessica Breanne & The Electric Hearts
7:20-7:40 Archive Knights
7:40-8:00 TBA
8:00-8:20 Staying for the Weekend
8:20-8:40 Westfolk
8:40-9:00 Oh Stereo
9:00-9:20 Jeffrey James
9:20-9:40 Roots of a Rebellion

As you can see, things get started around 7pm tonight at the alumni lawn at Vanderbilt. It could be a pretty cool opportunity to see some cool local bands, and they need your support to win a spot at Rites of Spring.