No Dumb Luck – The Spring 2011 Watkins Graphic Design Senior Show

Maybe it’s because my brother is an artist, but I am all about supporting local artists. There are a lot of them, many of them are incredibly talented, and you know what? Their job isn’t easy. Some people would say that an artist is lucky if he or she can pursue art full-time and make a living on it.

A dozen graphic design seniors at Watkins would disagree. The title of their senior art show is No Dumb Luck with the tagline, “Good fortune is found where talent and hard work meet opportunity.” Well, I certainly wouldn’t dare to disagree with that.

The show is this Friday, April 29th at Houston Station from 6-9pm and is free and open to the public. Come check out the art from new artists, enjoy some free refreshments, and if you see something that strikes your fancy, buy some art!



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