Leadership and Civility in the Digital Age

This new digital paradigm that we’ve just happened into represents a really exciting and challenging time. Civilization has never encountered an invention of this magnitude, and the implications of this technology have barely begun to reveal themselves. See, the defining aspect of the digital world is not necessarily how quickly information and communications can be transmitted across the globe, but how quickly that technology paradigm is evolving. While the internet fundamentally changed the way we interact with the world, social media (less than ten years old) has fundamentally changed the way we interact with each other. And who knows what’s next?

Like I said, the implications of the Digital Age are enormous and we’ve only just begun to see them in our own lives. EnterĀ Gene Policinski–Senior VP and Executive Director of the First Amendment Center, an operating program of the Freedom Forum dedicated to the study and exploration of free-expression issues–to talk about how this technology has affected leadership, community and citizenship. Should be a visceral discussion, and one night of a four-part series on the digital age, moderated by the former FCC Commissioner, Deborah Taylor Tate.

That discussion is tonight at the Ezell Center at Lipscomb University, and begins at 7pm.

– Matt