2-4-1 Tuesdays: Las Palmas

You ever hear that Jim Gaffigan bit about Mexican food? Seriously, skip two minutes into this video and give yourself the gift of laughter real quick. I don’t know what it is about Mexican restaurants, but they all bring a great happy hour to the mix. Food is almost secondary to how cheap or enormous their margaritas are, or how epic they celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or how creatively they name their dishes (that are essentially all identical).

Well, Las Palmas is definitely a favorite around these here parts. I can’t think of another regional chain in the area to find much success, and nothing beats a good Corona Marg (or two) on a lazy Thursday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or all of the above (who am I kidding?). Las Palmas is great because they’ve got a few different locations around town, so if you’ve got a craving for cheap drinks one afternoon, it doesn’t matter if you’re downtown, South or East, you can hit up a good, reliable spot.

Treat yourself to some¬†titillating¬†images from our resident photographer, @KateCauthen, and tell me you don’t want to go slurp one down right now. I dare yah!


MON – THURS, 4 – 8PM: Half-priced draft beers and margaritas

How ‘about that!

– Matt