Maul Your Man: A Rugby Date Auction

There is something unflinchingly awkward about the idea of a date auction. Paying someone to go on a date with you? Isn’t that illegal in some states? Well, I guess as long as it’s men and not women you’re auctioning off it’s all fine and dandy.

If you’ve never been to a date auction, it’s exactly what you’d think it is. There are a bunch of (hopefully) hunky dudes on stage, showing off their PB&J-making skills and a bunch of giddy ladies (hopefully) try to outbid each other in the hopes of finding true love, or at least having a fun date.

Normally I’d say you should shy away from date auctions. I mean, you never can be sure if the product will be quality man or not, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem at this auction. You see, the fellas at this auction are all members of the Belmont University Rugby Team, so if nothing else you know they’re fit and tough, and what else could you ever want in a man? Right? Right? Not to mention that if you win one of these 12 fellas you’ll get a free dinner! Well, really, you paid for the dinner, but let’s forget that for now. The men will present, at your date, a gift card for one of the following establishments:

  • $50 Jackson’s
  • $50 Rumba
  • $50 Belcourt Taps & Tappas
  • $35 Dinner for two at Taco Mamacita
  • $25 Chago’s Cantina
  • $25 P.F. Chang’s
  • $25 Chili’s
  • $20 Kalamatas
  • $20 T.G.I. Friday’s
  • 4 $20 McDougal’s

You’ll feast like a queen! There will also be a raffle for gift cards to places like Maggie Moo’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle. And if you’re not really in the market to buy a man you should at least consider checking out the hilarity that is sure to ensue when hunks are up for sale to the highest bidder. Also, there will be free music from MACRO, B.R.I.T., and The Skeleton at the Feast. Proceeds from the event will go towards the rugby club’s next season’s expenses.

This event will take place tonight from 8-10pm at Belmont’s South Lawn (Grassy Knoll). If it rains it will be moved inside to the Neely Dining Hall.



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  • Why would I want a fancy dinner when they could just make me PB&J?