10th Annual Earth Day Festival

Nashville’s annual Earth Day Festival is, hands down, the highlight of my calendar year (well, not taking Live on the Green into account). I just happened to visit Nashville on Earth Day several years ago, and being my first time in the city, that festival shaped my first impression and is largely responsible for my move down here. I fell in love with the art, the people, the music and the beauty, and that’s kept me coming back ever since! Now, having lived here a little while now, I’d say the festival sums up Nashville pretty well.

What you can expect: tons of artists, local and traveling alike, showcasing their best work, activists showing up to spread awareness (pamphlets!) and businesses showing up to spread PR (freebies!). Got a couple of legit travel mugs from Starbucks a couple of years ago: nice try, corporate. And, in addition to the RhythMystik Tribal Percussion Duo, the festival books some top-rate talent to entertain all afternoon long. This year: Sarah Siskind, Ballhog!, The Greencards and VICTOR WOOTEN & FAMILY!

There are tons of events for the kids, too, like a scavenger hunt and a stage of entertainment designed just for them! And while this year is threatening rain, I think we can cross our fingers and count on our Mother Earth to bless us with some more favorable weather. Centennial Park is looking beautiful, and strolling around the Earth Day Festival is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and kill an afternoon.

Check out the festival’s awesome home page for performance schedules and greater detail.

Enjoy your weekend and “Make Your Mother Proud”!

– Matt