Record Store Day 2011

As you could probably guess, Record Store Day is one of our favorite holidays at N4F. The sales are huge, there is awesome live music to be had all over, and there’s a ton of free stuff.

Record Store Day started in 2008 with the purpose of, you guessed it, promoting local record stores. This year there will be over 275 special record releases from bands like Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Big Star, Deerhoof, Fleet Foxes, Sonic Youth, and literally hundreds of others. Yes, I’m using literally in a literal, not figurative fashion. And it really does do its job of promoting record stores. Grimey’s has said that the annual holiday has given them some of their best sale days ever. Rock on, Record Store Day, rock on.

And, of course, the record stores use it as an awesome excuse to party like you wouldn’t believe. Grimey’s has gotten acts like Charlie Louvin and the Avett Brothers to play at past Record Store Days and last year Emmylou Harris played two songs in the Groove’s parking lot. But enough reminiscing, let’s talk about what’s going down this year.


Grimey’s is known as the big dog in Nashville, and it’s a title they’ve earned. This year they’ve ordered every single Record Store Day release. Yep, every one. In addition to that, they’ll have their annual massive outdoor sale with everything in the parking lot priced at $1 (for all you big spenders). Just make sure you make sure the CDs are in the cases before you buy the CDs. Some poorly raised individuals stole some CDs out of the cases at their last sale, something that is totally uncool. There will also likely be a sale on everything that’s not a RSD release in the store, and usually the sale is bigger earlier in the day, as in before noon. Also, make sure you line up out back this year. They’re going to put out all the RSD releases there, which I think is a massive improvement upon how things went last year. You go, Grimey’s!

As usual, Yazoo will be there to make sure you all feel pretty good while you’re browsing the vinyl, and the Grimey’s newsletter makes it sound like the folks from United Record Pressing will be bringing some BBQ (well alright!).

As far as entertainment goes, Grimey’s has you covered. The Nashville Film Festival will be screening some movies in the basement, which we are really excited about:

1:00 Broke
2:00 Heavy Metal Picnic w/ Q&A by the director
4:30 Better Than Something: Jay Reatard

But it wouldn’t be a Grimey’s Record Store Day without some sweet live music, so without further ado here’s that schedule:

11:30 – djb (DJ)
12:00 – April Smith & the Great Picture Show
12:30 – Bob Irwin (DJ)
1:00 – The Great Book of John
1:30 – The Record Wranglers (DJ)
2:00 – Deadstring Brothers
2:30 – Pete Wilson from Nashville Jumps (DJ)
3:00 – Carnivores
3:30 – Nashville’s Dead (DJ)
4:00 – Matt & Kim (signing only, no performance)
4:00 – Hunx & His Punx
4:30 – Brother Dylan (DJ)
5:00 – Ben Hall
5:30 – The Gabe Dixon Band
6:00 – Heather Lose of Honky Tonk Jukebox (DJ)
6:30 – Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit
7:00 – D-Funk (DJ)
7:15 – The Mattoid

I recommend Hunx & His Punx because I had to look at that damn NSFW album cover every day while I was interning at Beggars. I still want to gag. But the band rocks, so I guess they can do stuff like that.

But here I am talking about nasty album covers when you want to hear more about Record Store Day! My apologies! Let’s move on, shall we…

The Groove

It was sadly gone for a few months, but now The Groove has returned! They’re giving Grimey’s a real run for their money this year, with 15% off of all non-RSD releases, beer that is (I assume) free, booths from United Record Pressing, Tennessee Teens Rock’n’Roll Camp, GED Soul Records, and Save WRVU. Also, Mas Tacos will be in the house! The entertainers are as follows:

The Coolin’ System
Magic In Threes
Bad Cop
Evan P. Donohue
Faux Ferocious
The Shakes
Nite Nite
Diarrhea Planet
Mom And Dad
Chris Crofton (emcee and performance)

The Great Escape

It’s been a weird year for the Great Escape. They sadly shut down their shop on Broadway and opened a huge outlet on Charlotte. However, all of their locations will be participating in Record Store Day. They promise a bunch of free stuff (CD samplers, records, stickers, posters & more) as well as 20% off of all used goods. They’ll also have some great vinyl marked-down. The Madison and Charlotte Ave. locations will be opening an hour early – 9am.

I have to say though, it sounds like the Bowling Green location is the place to be. They’ll have live performances from Nova Coma (1-1.45 p.m.), Fat Box (2:15-3:00), Johnny Thompson (3:30-4:15), & The Black Shades (4:45-5:30). Also, Print Mafia will be set up with posters, stickers, prints, and t-shirts.

Third Man Records

They will for sure have all the Third Man related RSD releases, but don’t expect much else. There’s no word on a sale, but the rolling record store will be there, so it’ll probably be worth going for the cool factor if nothing else. Jerry Lee Lewis is playing a show, but it’s $30. Worth it? Perhaps, but I am poor.


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