Edgehill Cafe Beer Tasting

11 Apr

Update: the RSVP list for this event is now closed. Hope you got your name in! We’ll let you know if more spots open up, or follow Edgehill Cafe on Twitter for more info!

Tomorrow night Edgehill Cafe in Edgehill Village is going to stay open late, and they’re going to have free beer.

No, they’re not just going to keep a keg in the corner, it’s not going to be some frat party free-for-all. They’re trying to pick some new beers for their spring collection, and are inviting their patrons to help them make this big decision. All you have to do is RSVP to rsvp@edgehillcafe.com and show up at 7pm tomorrow, April 12th and you’ll get to sample and put in your two cents about a bunch of different kinds of beer. Doesn’t sound like too miserable of a way to spend a Tuesday night…

So you beer fanatics with your impeccable palates better bring your a-game. Edgehill Cafe is depending on you!