Film Forward: Free Movies at the Belcourt and Beyond

There are lots of reasons to love the Belcourt. There are so few theaters like it in the world – theaters that show new independent movies as well as older films, theaters that have awesome community events and in general try to bring really cool things to the community. I have to say, there would be a huge hole in Nashville’s culture without the Belcourt.

The Belcourt’s newest cool film series is even better than most because this one is absolutely free. It’s called Film Forward, and the Belcourt is apparently one of only a few theaters in the world that has it. It’s “a cultural exchange program designed to enhance cross-cultural understanding, collaboration and dialogue around the globe by engaging audiences through the exhibition of film and conversation with the filmmakers” that’s brought to us by the fine folks at the Sundance Film Festival, so you know it’s going to have some top-notch films.

You can find a list of the films that are screening as well as their times at Nashvillest. You can also find it on the Belcourt’s website, but in my opinion it’s a little easier to figure out on Nashvillest (because they are so awesome).

The only bummer is that a lot of these films are showing at noon on weekdays, which I’m sure won’t work for a lot of schedules, at least not mine. If you can attend those screenings then I’m jealous of you lucky folks with awesome schedules. Of course, that means you’re either a student, unemployed, or work really late. Enjoy your free movies dudes.




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