Portland Brew and the Mysterious “Other Side”

He's on his way to the Other Side too!

For the past month there’s been some mystery a-happining on the official Portland Brew Twitter account. They’ve been talking an awful lot about something they call the “other side,” a strange unknown entity first mentioned on their Twitter on February 28th. On top of that they’ve been closing early and there have been reports of loud construction-y noises coming from inside the building. What are they doing? What is this other side? Has Portland Brew opened a portal to another dimension??? Are they busting out a wall to allow for more space???????

Well the wait is over. Portland Brew tweeted the following late late late last night. It reads:

“Thurs is our soft opening of the other side 12th – Free Show with Charlie Walker & The Dynamites at 7:30 and free beer to boot! Come see!”

Thursday?!? That’s today! I’ve had no time to prepare for this news! And to top it all off I STILL don’t know what the other side for sure, but I can’t imagine a better way to go to it than to the sweet tunes of Charles Walker and the Dynamites. So all you super sleuth X-Files types as well as the types who like coffee and free tunes should head on over to Portland Brew on 12th tonight to see what’s new, get some free beer, and get your groove on.



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