Matt Wertz In-Store at Grimey’s

Believe it or not, it’s been three years since Matt Wertz released an album. That’s kind of a long time. The thing is, he broke up with his record label (always the heartbreakers, record labels) and toured relentlessly, we imagine as an attempt to escape the pain of the split, or maybe just because he likes touring. The next thing we knew, he hadn’t released any new music in awhile.

Finally, the time came to get back in the studio! But before he recorded anything he came up with the title of the new record: Weights and Wings. According to Wertz the title relfects “the idea that the heavy things in life and the transcendent times are both equally important in propelling us on and through life.”

Well, the album is finished and today is the big release day. And, luckily for us, Matt has decided to celebrate the big release by playing a free in-store at Grimey’s tonight at 6pm! But that’s not all. Buy Matt’s new album during the in-store and you’ll get a free bonus EP. Oh, and of course, there will more than likely be free beer.



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