And The Leo Kottke Ticket Winner Is…

Congratulations to Nick Floyd, your Ted Nugent-y entry was hilarious and disgusting, and the bonus points undoubtedly helped you win our first contest of the year: a pair of tickets to guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke’s March 16th show at TPAC. Thanks again to AEG Live/The Messina Group for making this contest possible.

As usual (which is why I love you guys), a lot of you sent in some great pictures, and I’d be a fool to not share them with the world, so here they are. As you might remember, the theme was to send in a picture of yourself playing the real guitar, air guitar, or photoshop your head onto the body of a famous guitarist.  There’s even a bonus pic from our contributor Matt Kraatz in there!

So, what’s your favorite pick? Aside from our winner I think I’m partial to the jumps accomplished by Mr. Dan Berrios. How is that humanly possible??


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