Nashville Opera Presents The Brothers Grimm at the Country Music Hall of Fame

If there’s one thing the Country Music Hall of Fame is good at it’s hosting really cool family-friendly events.

An event happening today at 1pm is a perfect example of that. Today the Nashville Opera On Tour will present the American premiere of Dean Burry’s The Brothers Grimm. Now, while this performance will focus on the Brothers Grimm while they write their classic fairy tales, don’t worry, it won’t be anything like that odd, odd movie with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. Seriously, why did that movie exist?

But I digress. We are all familiar with the Grimm fairy tales, from classics such as “Rapunzel,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Rumpelstiltskin,” chances are their stories were a pretty significant part of your childhood. Unlike a lot of that crap on Nick or Disney these stories are something everyone in the family can enjoy.

As for the details, the performance will be in English, and there will be a full set with a cast that features five professional opera singers and a pianist (from Nashville Opera’s Mary Ragland Young Artist Program), all  in full costume. Oh yeah, and there will be audience participation, so be ready for that! Again, things get started at the Country Music Hall of fame at 1pm today.

It sounds like a pretty great way to spend a beautiful Sunday, and thanks to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Nashville Opera for putting on this great event.



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