Scene Report: Tequila Tastin’ and Block Rockin’

Yesterday was a good great night for free happenings around Nashville. What else do you expect out of a Tuesday? First, there was the open tasting of the premier Cuestión brand tequila and after that was three hours of non-stop, local music in two different venues. A productive evening: I totally unlocked the Crunked badge on foursquare (holla), and I was able to escape with enough sobriety to get some work done (holla holla).

So, my evening started with a trip to Uptown’s Smoke Shop with a couple friends to try this new tequila. We arrived early and to a manageable crowd, in arguably the smokiest establishment around Nashville (I’m looking at you, Melrose). Cuestión complemented their samples with free chips and some legit guacamole. They kept it hyper local last night: salsa and guac were from Trader Joe’s next door to the right, and the tequila was for sale at the spirits shop next door to the left.

Jumping right into a round of tasting, we started with the Blanco (mmm), followed by the Reposada (mmmm), the Anejo (mmmmm), and finally, a Cuestión margarita (OH YEAH). After all, it was National Margarita Day yesterday, was it not? And let me tell you, this tequila is GREAT, no chaser required. It’s aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels and is held to very high standards of quality. All at a pretty reasonable price: a 750ml Anejo (definitely the best variety) will run you about $55. Glad I got some for free.

We stuck around for a short while: catching up with a few people we didn’t expect to see–current professors, old friends–and then ditched to get some work done. I might have timed the evening better, hitting up the tasting right before Rock the Block (you know, keep a buzz going, it’s about efficiency).

Regardless, later on I ran to Exit/In and the End to catch Reid Magette, the Inscape, Samantha Harlow and Conestyle tear it up before my awesomeness threshold caved in. The entertainment was spot on across the board, after all, it’s hard to go wrong with a free show in Nashville. Talent just oozes out of this place. The organizers might have scheduled the event a little better, as a few sets ran on top of one another (unnecessarily dividing the audience), but overall it was a great time. I wish I had stuck around for Evan P. Donahue or Casa Castile, but, of course, work beckoned.

So to cap the night off, I went to Cafe Coco, grabbed and ice coffee and looked for a spot to bust out my laptop. Naturally, there wasn’t a single open table in the front area, so I ventured to the back bar only to find… a free writer’s night in progress. The free never ends. I only caught the tail end, and felt a little obnoxious staring into my laptop while a young songwriter was pouring her heart out, but what are yah gonna do? After the writer’s round closed, an impromptu jam erupted for another hour or so, which provided some excellent background music for some productive activity.

Pretty good night.

– Matt