Film Screening: Moloch Tropical

You know what I like? Movies. I watch all kinds, good movies, old movies, Lifetime movies, I just like watching movies. That’s why I like International Lens. They show movies every week, and for free. That’s right, every week International Lens at Vanderbilt shows movies that you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Take Moloch Tropical, the movie they’re screening tonight at the Sarratt Cinema at 7pm. It’s about a fictional Haitian president (based on Henri-Christophe, the first King of independent Haiti) and is about on the last days of his reign before a violent revolution erupts around him.

Hey, that actually sounds pretty interesting. It promises a Haitian take on Alexander Sokurov’s Hitler pic Moloch, which I haven’t seen, but I’ve heard that it one several awards in Russia. As for Moloch Tropical, director Raoul Peck offers a critique of absolute power in an apparently beautifully shot film.

Now, before you go running to RottenTomatoes you check the rating you should know that this was not a film that has been released in theater, but if you’ve ever been to a film festival you’ll know that this doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie, it just means most critics aren’t going to rate it. Hell, Tribeca Film Festival thought it worthy to give a screening to, and so did International Lens. And that means masterpiece or not, it’s probably worth seeing, especially for free.



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