Cuestion Tequila Tasting

Boy have we got a treat for you today. So get this, Cuestión Tequila is a premium brand from Mexico making its stateside debut right here in Nashville–apparently we have good taste. And when I say premium, I’m talking like: this makes Patron look like lemonade that an eight-year-old just sold you for $0.75 (what a ripoff)/I’ll never be able to afford this in real life so I might as well get it while it’s free. The drink is fashioned exclusively in the Mexican region of Jalisco, a state known for its rich tequila heritage. Every glass bottle is hand-blown, and Cuestión is as classy as it gets.

Tonight is their first tasting open to the public and is a unique opportunity to experience the tequila early! It will be hosted by Uptown’s Smoke Shop on Hillsboro from 6 – 9pm, but I’d suggest getting there early for a guaranteed taste. They might even throw down some cigars, who knows? And seriously, people who have known the joys of free alcohol (can you say NBN parties?) definitely won’t miss this opportunity.

So, to recap: super exclusive/expensive tequila at the first open tasting in the US. If you’ve ever paid $10 for a shot of tequila before, this is your chance for redemption. See yah there!

– Matt

  • Thag2000

    We carry Cuestion Tequila ( Anejo, Repesado, and Blanco) at my bar. i can say after 21 years of bartending..the reposado is one of the best things ive ever tasted. drink it up yo. and at my bar it is 7 or 8 a shot not 10. corner bar elliston pl.