Win Tickets to see Leo Kottke at TPAC!

Fans of excellent guitar work – rejoice! Superb guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke is coming to the James K. Polk theater at TPAC on March 16th and thanks to our awesome friends at AEG Live (who you should totally check out because they have contests all the time) we at Nashville for Free have a pair of free tickets to give to one of you guys!

If you’re a guitar nerd at all or like jam bands (he collaborated with Mike Gordon from Phish in 2001) then chances are pretty good you’ve at the very least heard Leo’s work. The guy has been playing professionally since the 1960s and is incredibly respected for his fingerstyles. His music is a mix of folk, jazz, blues, and face-melting awesomeness.

So, you want to win tickets to this show? I don’t blame you, but I need to lay down the rules of the game first.

To Enter:

To enter this contest all you need to do is leave a comment on this here blog post. You can say absolutely anything you want, but we really just want to hear why you like Leo Kottke. We’ve made it easy on you, you can now log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you prefer you can comment on our Facebook wall instead.

Bonus Points:

As should be expected, leaving us a comment will get your name put into our magical hat one time, but if you want to have FIVE chances to win you need to do this: post a picture on our Facebook wall of you rocking out on the guitar. By “rocking out on the guitar” I mean it can be a picture of you playing your real guitar, you playing a broomstick, or you even just playing air guitar. Hell, you can just photoshop your face on top of a famous guitarist (we want to see your head on Ted Nugent’s body). Yep, that’s all you have to do to be five times more likely to win than everyone who just leaves a comment.

I have to say though, if you go absolutely all-out and crazy with this picture you might get more than five extra entries. I try to weight it so that more effort = better chances of winning. But seriously, it’ll have to be a freaking special picture for that.

Best of luck to you guys, and please start sending those pictures! I need more entertainment in my life! I’ll pick a winner next Monday, Feb. 28th, so get your pics and whatnot into me before then.



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  • some tater tots are too salty, but not all of them.

    This guy is the man, he makes that flat top sing.

    tickets please.

  • Do you prefer your tots a little undercooked or a little overcooked?

    Your name is now officially in the hat!

  • Floyd831

    I like Leo Kottke primarily because of his guitar skills. Also, he regularly shows up on A Prairie Home Companion, and he is modest. For example, he claims his voice resembles the sound of duck farts. What a guy!

  • Duck farts? What?

  • I like guitar playing!

  • Lina_littler

    I just love his music… what a talent!!!! It is inspiring and just amazing! I would love to be able to hear him in person (LINA LITTLER)

  • Jeff

    Pick me!

  • Winston

    Oh man, if I win this contest I’m totally giving the tickets to my dad. He raised me on a steady diet of Leo Kottke.

  • e.g.

    I gave up trying to be as good as Leo Kotke the week after I bought my first guitar.

  • Professor P.

    Last time I heard Leo Kottke was in Pittsburgh, about a million years ago. I was so blown away by his talents (and my glaring “lack of” – in light of his extraordinary skills) that I went back to school and became a college professor. Please pick me for the tickets so I have the opportunity to remind myself (again) why I left the guitar playing (and life as a musician) to the experts!

  • He sounds like a wise man. You should go with him if you win!

  • 🙁

  • Man, Leo Kottke is apparently so good that he destroys dreams!

  • Bitingpixie

    My husband loves Leo Kottke, and I didn’t get him anything for Valentine’s Day (we agreed not to, I swear!), so, um, please pick me!

  • We at N4F love helping people out when they didn’t get their significant others a gift for a saint’s holiday. You know, completing that bonus step would really help your chances…

  • Are you bonus step Jeff? You’re already way ahead of the game dude!

  • That makes sense. Good luck to you!

  • Well maybe your name will come out of the magic hat!

  • Bookbabe

    Guitar music moves me to my soul, and he is an absolute master. I’m also a huge fan of Richard Thompson – have seen him 3 times, but never Kottke. (Please?)

  • Bookbabe

    Guitar music moves me to my soul, and he is an absolute master. I’m also a huge fan of Richard Thompson – have seen him 3 times, but never Kottke. (Please?)

  • It’s in the hands of fate, which can be tilted (but only by your own doing)

  • Leo plays with great virtuosity, but always quite musically.

  • Jacki Willard

    We should win these tickets we’ve been Leo Kottke fans since we began dating 37 yrs ago and this would be a perfect outing for our 35th anniversary coming up on march 20

  • Spamvoyage

    Well! I’d love to go to see what he’s been up to. I’ve not heard him in years…

  • Robscloset

    I would like to win tickets to see if he really just has two hands. It sounds like he has three or four on his records

  • Anita Cline

    Overcooked and extra crunchy is my style…straight mayo with season salt for dipping.

  • patty

    I heart guitar!

  • freeB

    Leo Kottke (and John Prine) are truely the soundtrack of my childhood. Would love to take my dad to show my appreciation for his musical influence.

  • James Olive

    Hey, I would like to win These for my Mom and Dad.

  • such a good son!

  • I’ve liked Leo Kottke so long I can’t remember when it started.