Burger Up: A Haven From the Snowy Doom

My mother might not be pleased to hear that I, along with three friends, ventured out into the winter weather last night. But Burger Uptweeted last night that they had an event cancel on them, so they had 200 sliders that needed to be eaten that they would like to bestow upon the fine folks in the 12 South area. For free. Yes, a mere few blocks from my house there was free food from Burger Up to be had.

How could I resist?

Now, the roads were not great, this is a fact, but by the time 6 o’clock rolled around there was virtually no traffic, and this yankee basically learned how to drive in the snow. So I shifted into low gear and at 10 miles per hour we made the surprisingly un-treacherous drive to Burger Up.

We must have been some of the first few people who happened upon the free burgers, because the restaurant was still looking a little bare but the sliders were looking plentiful. We grabbed a table, ordered some drinks, and feasted (not in a greedy gimmie gimmie all that way) upon mini Woodstock and Quinoa burgers.

The place pretty quickly filled up, and the mood was great. Hell, what was there to be upset about? Everyone was getting free food from a mighty fine establishment! The burgers only lasted 33 minutes. That’s 200 burgers in 33 minutes. Gone. That’s 6 burgers eaten a minute.

I just want to give a big thanks to Burger Up. They didn’t have to give anyone that free food, and most restaurants probably would’ve trashed it to be honest. But Burger Up decided to give back to the community that fell in love with their amazing grass-fed beef burgers. Burger Up, I hereby grant you the N4F seal of approval, which doesn’t come with anything fancy, it’s just a written notice of the love the N4F feels for you.

Thanks Burger Up! We’ll see you again soon, without a doubt.



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