Film Screening: Kandahar

As some of you may know (I didn’t), Kandahar is the second largest city in Afghanistan.

You may then assume that this movie’s focus is there, and you would be correct.

The film Kandahar, which was released in 2001, follows a woman named Nafas. She’s a reporter who was born in Afghanistan, but fled with her family to Canada when she was young. She made it out safely, but her sister lost legs to a land mine when she was young and was accidentally left behind. Apparently they still converse, and one day Nafas gets a letter from her sister where her sister threatens suicide. Nafas makes the decision to return to Afghanistan to save her sister, where she “gets a clear and disturbing portrait of the toll the Taliban regime has taken upon its people.”

The film is playing tonight at 7pm at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema. It has a rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re into that kind of thing.



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