The Franklin Theater Marquee Lighting Party

If you’ve been to downtown Franklin at all in the past umpteen years then you’ve probably noticed the Franklin Theater. No, it hasn’t been an operational theater for quite some time, which has been sad. It always looked quaint, historic, and promising, and the Next Generation of the Heritage Foundation has been working for years to to fill turn this shadow of a theater into something great.

Well, it looks like the Franklin Theater will soon become operational once again. Movies should be playing in all their glory in this small-town theater in the spring or summer of this year, but tonight you can be a part of the ceremony celebrating one of the most instantly memorable parts of this theater: the marquee.

Tonight they’re going to turn the lights on the marquee on tonight, and they’re having a big ‘ol party to go with it. Starting at 4pm the streets in downtown Franklin will close and the local shops will break open bottles of champagne (which those who are 21 and older can enjoy for free) and at 5 the marquee will light and will bask the street in its majestic glow for years to come.

The party will also include a host of other things, including free parking in two garages, some free ice cream and hot chocolate from Ben and Jerry’s and a Hatch Show Print celebrating the ceremony will be available for $25. Oh yeah, and the weather today is freaking fantastic, so you might as well get out and enjoy it.

Congratulations, Franklin Theater! We’re glad to see your beautiful marquee!



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    If anyone has a Hatch show print of the Franklin Theater they would like to sell please send an email to