The Hook Up: Ultimate Comedy at The Building

Here’s the thing about comedy shows: they’re usually really bad or really good. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if Ultimate Comedy is the funniest thing in East Nashville or if it will leave you shaking your head in disappointment, but you have to give a chance to a comedy event that “only promises to get louder, weirder, and funnier” this year.

Like I said, I basically knownothing about Ultimate Comedy except that I was emailed about their show tonight at the Building (1008-c Woodland St in East Nashville). The promise to go too far, they promise to be strange and hilarious, they promise to turn it up to eleven AND, if you mention that you heard about the show from Nashville for Free  that you won’t have to pay that pesky $5 cover. That’s right, Ultimate Comedy is free to you, my loyal readers. All those other poor souls will have to open their wallets at the door, but not you. You can see a comedy show you probably haven’t heard of for free, and isn’t that how it should be?

Again the show starts at 8pm tonight, January 27th at The Building in East Nashville. Don’t forget to mention Nashville for Free to get your perks.



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