2-4-1 Tuesdays: The Dog of Nashville

I stumbled upon this Happy Hour Monday night as I stopped by The Dog on my way home from class. Their homemade chips are amazing and their hot dogs are pretty good. I do NOT eat hot dogs but I eat at The Dog. I might be contradicting myself, but I can make an exception for them. I’ve been to The Dog a handful of times and I always notice that there are hardly any people there. Am I going at the wrong times? Have you guys just not discovered it yet? Are you too into your vegetarianism? Good thing they have a veggie dog. I don’t think I stressed this enough, but their homemade chips are sent from above and you need to get an order of them to go, stick them in the pocket of your coat, and sneak them in to the next movie you go see at the Belcourt down the street.  Let me also mention that they have huge televisions, and if you’re into that sort of thing, its pretty ideal for sports-watching if you hate not being able to see your favorite team at a crowded bar.

Right now, The Dog has this cool menu addition going on called “Around the world in 30 dogs” and like you might expect each dog that they have as a special is influenced by a country, this week is the Russian Dog, or a Reuben dog.  As for their happy hour specials on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:00pm-9:00pm are 2-4-1’s on beer. The 2-4-1 deal on beer is also available ALL DAY on Sundays too. If you haven’t heard about The Dog or have never visited, you absolutely must go.

Tuesdays and Thursdays (5pm-9pm): 2-4-1’s on beer.

Sundays (ALL DAY): 2-4-1’s on beer

  • They have what are easily the best burgers I’ve had in Nashville, too. I may or may not have a “usual” lunch order there…

  • Jenny

    My daughter took me there when I was in town to visit. It was really good! Great atmosphere too.

  • I can say with certainty that there is nothing wrong with that! I’ve never had their burgers, though. I’ve always wanted to try their Italian Beef sandwich.

  • Yeah, it’s a really cool place in a really cool area. Nashville has its fair share of great restaurants, including several fantastic hot dog places.