Scene Report: Winning Free Groceries

"how much cat food will this buy?"

Surely I don’t need to tell you how much I love entering contests. If there’s even the smallest chance I can get something for basically nothing consider me entered. And if there’s a way I can increase my chances of winning, then look out, because I’m going all or nothing on that stuff.

I don’t know how many of you have heard about Red White and Food, but they’re an organization that’s trying to make it legal for grocery stores to sell wine, something that 33 other states, including my home state of Ohio, allow with no major problems.

I personally think it’s incredibly lame and inconvenient that grocery stores can’t sell wine which, you know, is often used in cooking, so I decided to follow them on the Twitter and forgot about it. Then one day I saw that they were having a contest where they were giving away a $150 gift card to a grocery store of your choice.

The contest was called 33 States in 33 Days, and all you had to do to enter was go to a grocery store in a state where you can sell wine in them and take a picture of the wine in the grocery store. If you were the first to submit for any state you’d get 2 extra entries and, get this, you could send as many pictures as you like and get entered for all of them.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m from a state where you actually CAN sell wine in grocery stores. So, when I went home for Thanksgiving and then Christmas I took pictures of the wine sections in every grocery store I went to. I did the same when I went to South Carolina to visit family in December. No Kroger or Harris Teeter went unvisited. I must have sent in two dozen pictures.

And lo and behold, it paid off. That’s right, all my shenanigans that involved me weirding out Kroger employees paid off. I just got the gift cards to my grocery store of choice (Harris Teeter, because they sell Hatch Green Chilies) as well as some bumper stickers and other Red White and Food materials that I’ll be handing out to my friends.

Red White and Food is a great organization if you want Tennessee laws involving alcohol to start making more sense. 33 States in 33 Days wasn’t even their only contest in December, so check back to their website or follow them on Twitter for updated info.

Thanks Red White and Food!



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  • Glad the gift cards arrived OK and that you’ll be able to put them to good use! $150 will buy a lot of chilies and cat food. Thanks for blogging about it and helping spread the word–this is going to be a crucial year for us, so we need all the support we can get.

  • Emily

    Thank you! And trust me, they will be put to very good use. Guillermo (the cat) is quite pleased.

    Long live wine in grocery stores!