Hymn for Her at the Basement

In my mind there is nothing better than finding a great band for the first time. It’s the reason my mouth waters at the sight of a Bloodshot Records sampler and it’s why I get excited when I hear something I’ve never heard before on the radio. Most people don’t like going out to shows featuring bands they’ve never heard of, and I think that’s a damn shame

Well, I’ve just had one of those moments of wonderous joy. While I was perusing The Basement’s event calendar I noticed a free show with a band called Hymn for Her. I’d never heard of them before, but I was interested just from reading their bio, a rare event for me.

Here are some of the details for their bio that struck my eye: Hymn for Her is a duo consisting of Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing (if Wayne Waxing is his real name then WOW). They recorded their most recent album in campgrounds, garages, trailers, and driveways while touring across the country. Lucy plays a three-stringed broom handle/cigar box among other things while Wayne rocks a drum kit with only a bass drum and a high-hat while playing a banjo or whatever he can hold.

When I stopped reading the bio I thought to myself “there’s no way this can’t be awesome,” and let me tell you something, my instincts were right.

Their sound is pretty much what you’d expect with that arsenal of instruments. It sounds like some dirty, rocking, punky, bad-ass, garage country/bluegrass. Basically, it sounds like a band that would fit perfectly onto one of those Bloodshot Records samplers I’m so crazy about. If you like your country music best when it hasn’t been anywhere near a major label (or Music Row for that matter) then you will not want to miss this show. Best part about it? It’s free.

Hymn for Her will be playing at the Basement at 9pm this Tuesday, January 11th. The show will also feature Lauren Adelle, Quiet Entertainer, Red River, and possibly more.

Oh yeah, and if you show up at 7pm you can catch Screeching Eels, a band made up of Bryn Davies and Gibb Droll. Think bluesy Americana.



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