ScoreBig: Discounted Tickets of the Future

If you’re a fan of any sports team or any band that tours then you know that tickets for games and shows are expensive. Sometimes they’re really really expensive. You like hockey? Well if you don’t make bank you’re probably very used to watching it on TV. Love Elton John? I hear his live albums are great, and very affordable.

Well, there’s a little website called ScoreBig that aims to change all of that. This website offers discounted tickets to sports events and concerts (right now mostly sports events) from 10% to over 50%.

ScoreBig allows you to browse events in different cities, Nashville included. You then get to pick your seat (or section, at least), and then make an offer on those seats. The, you bid (an offer, not eBay style bidding) on your seats. ScoreBig will tell you what percent people typically save on whatever event you picked so you know roundabout what you should bid, but you can bid whatever you want on those tickets. Then you put in your payment information, and you’ll only get charged if your bid is accepted.

When it comes to bidding you can either be conservative, or you can go all out and try to get the tickets for basically nothing. It’s all up to you.

Right now ScoreBig is still on a waiting list basis, but if you sign up now you’ll probably only be waiting for a little bit. I signed up two weeks ago and got my invite today. Right now I’m seriously considering bidding $30 for some hockey tickets that usually cost over $70 with fees (did I mention ScoreBig doesn’t have any fees)? In Nashville they only have sporting events right now, but in other cities they’re already listing concerts like Bon Jovi, Josh Ritter, and more.

I have high hopes for this website in the future. Right now it’s still a little bare, but it looks like it’ll be an absolutely fantastic way to save money in the future.

UPDATE: Just for you guys ScoreBig has given me some invites to pass along to my readers! Get them while you can HERE.



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