Give Some Blood, Get Some Free Zoo Tickets

This Wednesday, December 29th, brings the zoo’s blood drive. That’s right, the American Red Cross will be there from noon to 5pm to drain you of some blood. It’s important, it’s civic, and you’ll get a free zoo ticket (and cookies) out of it.

If you’re thinking “but if I have to give blood then that means the tickets aren’t free.” Give me a break, your blood is free to you and if you aren’t using all of it then hey, there’s no harm in giving some to the Red Cross. It could very well save someone’s life, and knowing you’re doing something good, doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling?

Just do me a favor and don’t pull a Steve Martin in The Jerk. If you give too much blood just for the orange juice and cookies then next thing you know you’ll cut yourself shaving and only air will come out.



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