Annual Christmas Eve Carillon Concert at Belmont

Bells in the Bell Tower

Hey, guess what! I’m a student at Belmont University! Surprise! That’s right, I’m a Belmont student, but I had no idea until recently that every year Belmont has a Christmas Eve Concert at the bell tower, but they do. In case you didn’t know, Belmont has this pretty nice looking bell tower in the middle of the campus, and it has some sweet bells inside of it which are called carillons.

Every once in awhile (usually when there are lots of high schoolers visiting campus) I’ll  be strolling along and I’ll hear someone playing the bells. When you hear the bells playing like that (as in not on the hour) that means there’s someone inside there physically playing them. I always enjoy hearing the bells, and since I’ve seen people on certain Saturdays just sitting at the foot of the bell tower listening I assume that other people enjoy hearing them as well.

But back to the Christmas Eve performance. I don’t have any details on the exact songs that will be played, but it starts at 2pm and runs for about an hour. It will be at the bell tower (1900 Belmont Blvd). Ms. Cheap says that you can sit in your car and listen but to be perfectly honest that would probably suck since you’d have to park somewhere with a building or two between you and the bells, and though they carry the sound would probably be pretty muddy I imagine. I recommend bundling up  and grabbing a seat at one of the tables by the caf because really, it’s not that cold. Bring a stadium blanket, some hot chocolate, and cuddle up against someone you wouldn’t mind cuddling up against.

Anyway, have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas eve!



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