The Joy of Coupons

Say what you will about coupons. Yes, they may be a little dorky, clipping them is a chore, they’re hard to keep track of, and sometimes they convince you to buy things you didn’t plan on buying before you saw the coupon. Yes, all of that is true, but here’s the thing: they save you money.

Coupons used to come in just one form. You’d get a little coupon book or you’d find them in a newspaper or in your mailbox, and you’d clip them out and take them to the store with you. Yes, that’s still an option, and it’s honestly the one that I still use the most, but coupons have evolved. That’s right, they’ve gone digital.

There are dozens of websites these days dedicated to finding and collecting online coupons. I myself prefer Coupon Mom and for their easy layouts and area-specific deals, but there are many other sites, including Coupon Cabin, which has a lot of coupon codes for online retailers, Retail Me Not, which has printable and online coupons, and Smart Source, another personal favorite of mine for their printable grocery coupons.

I’m sure that almost all of your have already realized that the internet is a wonderful place for finding good deals, but here’s my advice for you the next time you’re about to buy something online: try to find an online coupon code. From Dominos pizza to Toms Shoes, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a coupon code out there that someone else knows about. A lot of those sites will even show a success rate so you know if you coupon is good before you type it in!

No, sorry, you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find any coupons for iPhones, but if you’re one of the many with a smartphone out there and you’re looking to save money I want you to know that there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps for that, including Coupon Sherpa and Yowza, both of which are free.

Coupon Sherpa started as a website, but has evolved into a fantastic iPhone app. Not only can you search for different coupons in different stores, you can even have the cashier scan the coupon on your iPhone, no printing required! I imagine it would be incredibly time-consuming if you had more than a few coupons, but it’s still a great concept.

Yowza employs the same concept as Coupon Sherpa, but it’s available not just on the iPhone, but on the Android, Blackberry, and Palm Pre as well inside their respective WHERE apps. Yowza boasts that it has already saved its users over 5.6 MILLION dollars.

Using coupons isn’t something to scoff at. The next time you see someone pulling a coupon out at Harris Teeter don’t turn your nose up at that person, because guess what, you’re paying more for those paper towels than you would if you just got online or checked your phone for deals for things on your shopping list before you went to the store. Happy shopping, my friends. I hope your grocery bills shrink and shrink and shrink.


Note: please do not print off our logo and clip it and take it to the grocery store. Though it may have the appearance of a coupon it is not, in fact, a coupon and showing it will not get you the city of Nashville for free.


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