Weekly Highlights – Dec 20th-25th


The Podunk Sessions at 3rd and Lindsley – 8pm
Free music from Dave Pahanish, Emily West, Marcel, Eric Paslay, Jessica Andrews, Kristen Lee, Bonnie Biship, Rachel Loy, Brad Tursi, and more.

The Curb Youth Symphony at Blair School of Music’s Ingram Hall – 7:3opm
Yeah, I don’t know why you’d really want to go to this unless you know someone in the Symphony, but if you really need your symphony fix this Monday then this is your place to get it for free. I’m sure the kids are talented, too.


Live Screening of Belle and Sebastian’s Holiday Spectacular at Grimey’s – 3pm
Glasgow’s greatest chamber-pop group, Belle and Sebastian, are playing an awesome Holiday show. Sadly, that show is in Scotland…but there’s good news! It’s streaming live on NPR and Grimey’s will be showing it on a big ‘ol screen! Trust me, watching webcasts of live music is much more fun when you’re in a room with other people who enjoy the band too.

New Faces Nite at the Basement – 8pm
This week’s New Faces Nite will feature performances from WesSp8, Hudson K, Caliana, Sons Of Summer, Carina Pearson, Pat Anderson and more. WesSp8? That’s an odd name…sorry guys, but you know it’s true.


Old Time Jam at the 5 Spot – 7:30pm
East Nashville’s Wednesday Night Old Time Jam provides enthusiasts of traditional, acoustic-based roots music the opportunity to regularly meet, share tunes, dance, swap stories, and bond together in general camaraderie.


It’s a good night for honky tonkin’, because I couldn’t find squat for today. If you have any tips please send them my way. However, you might want to finish up that Christmas shopping. Time is running out.


The Christmas Eve Carillon Concert at the Belmont Bell Tower – 2pm
I always enjoy hearing the bells play songs at the Belmont bell tower, and on Christmas eve they’ll play Christmas tunes. In case you were wondering, those aren’t automated, someone is actually playing them, which makes it pretty damn cool.


Merry Christmas! Get off the interwebs and go hang with your loved ones. Or at least watch A Christmas Story on TBS until your eyeballs fall out.


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