GIFT UP: Grimey's Incredibly Fantastic Trade-in of Unwanted Presents

It happens every year. That family member who doesn’t know you that well and does all of his or her Christmas shopping at Kroger will inevitably give you a gift card to some big chain store you don’t go to. A $15 Best Buy gift card? Thanks, but that won’t exactly go very far for anything worth buying at Best Buy…

Of course, the thought it always appreciated, it’s kinda crappy to get genuinely upset or straight-up complain about a gift you get for the holidays, but when you’re not going to use something you get then it kind of sucks.

But never fear, Grimey’s is here to take that unwanted gift card off your hands and replace it dollar for dollar for one of theirs. Grimey’s calls it GIFT UP: Grimey’s Incredibly Fantastic Trade-in of Unwanted Presents, and they, along with a bunch of other indie record stores, actually do this all year long.

There are, naturally, a few rules to this trade program. First, the gift card has to be from a major chain store (no other indies!) that actually sells tangible music (CDs and stuff, no iTunes gift cards). Secondly, the retailer cannot be going out of business, so sorry, you can’t trade in that FYE gift card. Thirdly, The gift card’s value must be verifiable via phone or the internet. If there isn’t a number or a website on the back that you can go to to confirm the card’s value Grimey’s cannot accept it. And finally, the gift card cannot expire within 6 months of the trade-in. Other than that, you’re good to go. Border’s, Barnes & Nobel, Best Buy, if you get an unwanted gift card from a place like that when you know that you’d REALLY rather get some sweet used LPs from Grimey’s you’re in luck.

Now you can actually get genuinely excited about that Wal-Mart gift card! Woohoo!



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