Merry Tubachristmas!

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It just isn’t Christmas without….?  There are lots of different answers to that question – too much spiked eggnog, the annual viewing of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, driving around making fun of all the tacky, flashing, multi-color Christmas lights around the neighborhood…but my answer to that question is TUBACHRISTMAS.

TUBACHRISTMAS is a national tradition that began in 1974 on the New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink, and after 37 years, hundreds of these concerts take place all over the country (including three in the state of Alaska and another three in Hawaii).  The TUBACHRISTMAS concert is so popular in Nashville that there are two different shows at First Baptist downtown.

Starting at 9:30am this Tuesday, December 14th, tuba, sousaphone, and euphonium players will gather from across the state to begin rehearsing for the 11:00am and 12:30pm shows.  As hilarious as this concert sounds, it is no joke!  Expect fifty or so tuba players for your sonic pleasure.  The concert is normally a half hour or so – the on-call ensemble plays a few different arrangements for all the tubas, and the concert always ends with a carol sing-along.

Make sure to arrive early to get parked and settled in, while enjoying the Dixieland band that normally opens for the tuba group.  Both concerts are normally packed, so I’d suggest you be there at least fifteen minutes prior to show time.

Merry Tuba Christmas!



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