Melrose Billiards White Trash Formal

Tomorrow will bring a few things: the lighting of the first candle on the menorah, the first day of the month of December, and the Melrose Billiards White Trash Formal.

Its tagline is “A Fancy Night of Classy Music, Polite Drinking, and Other Activities at Melrose Billiards,” but just in case you believe everything you read, don’t fool yourself, this will not be a high end event.

Instead, it will be a celebration of hipster proportions, with performances from Brandon Jazz & His Armed Forces, Evan P. Donohue, and Nite Nite. Shoot, those are some good tunes.

The event is totally free, starts at 9pm and is 21 and up. So grab your Ray Bans and your glittery flask and party like it’s a Wednesday in December. Yes.



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  • Sounds like fun…

  • Anonymous

    I can never tell if the “…” is sarcasm of just a thought that’s trailed off.