The Renter is King

I’m sure that you all have been told by someone, at one point in your life, that if you’re renting instead of buying something, like a house, then you’re just throwing your money away.

Well I hate to tell you, but I’m pretty sure those people were WRONG.

There are some benefits to buying things instead of renting them. Basically that you buy it once and then it’s yours, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, is it worth it to buy that movie you’re only going to watch once? Do you really need to buy that power drill for a few random projects throughout your life? Should you commit to buying that house (what if you lose your job and need to downsize or need to move)?

That’s where renting comes in. Yeah, we’re all familiar with renting houses and apartments. It might not be the American Dream, but as a renter you can move around according to your budget, which you can’t do with a house, and when stuff goes awry your landlord (hopefully) gets it fixed. Sure you can’t always paint the walls and change everything to your liking, but if that’s not incredibly important to you then it’s a great, flexible alternative to buying.

We all know its easy to rent movies. Blockbuster, Redbox, Netflix, does anyone buy movies anymore? A lot of us even use services like Napster and Rhapsody where we basically rent our music. For books you can go to the library, but did you know you can rent books online via sites like Book Free and Book Swim, including textbooks on sites like Chegg?

There’s basically no limit to things you can rent online today. You can rent dresses (and shoes, handbags, and other accessories), children’s toys and travel accessories, pets, and even friends online. There are also less item-specific websites, like Zilok, Rent Instead, and Rentoid, that allow you to search for anything that your heart may desire to rent. Hey, it’s also not a bad way to make a few bucks if you have some interesting stuff laying around.

Ultimately, when it comes to renting vs owning it all depends on whether or not you personally think it’s worth it to own something. I come from the state of mind where I’d rather own something, for the most part, but I can really see the appeal in renting, especially if it’s something you don’t think you’ll get a lot of use out of. If that’s the case then rent away, my dear friends, rent away.



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