Red Bull Chariot Race – Let the Hilarity Begin!

If there’s one thing Red Bull knows, it’s partying (all about the wings, baby). Seriously, if you mention the all-natural, gummy-bear-tasting drink to any average Joe college student, they will likely return with three things: Jagerbombs, Red Bull girls and Flugtag. Sounds like a party to me.

Side note: speaking of Jagerbombs, have you ever heard of a Jagertrain? It’s basically like dominos with alcohol; Wikipedia’s got a diagram—wicked.

Well, Red Bull has been rocking Nashville for a while, but they’re bringing the party in a new way tomorrow with a good ole’ fashioned Red Bull Chariot Race! Like Flugtag without water or flight, this race debuted in Athens, GA last year, and its second coming brings it to the true Athens of the South—sorry, losers, you can’t compete with the Parthenon…

From the press release:

Each team is limited to three members and they must maneuver their man-powered chariot (no horses here) through the designated course in front of the Parthenon at Centennial Park. Teams will race head to head in a bracket format competition with the top teams advancing to the finals. Speed is important, but style counts! Each team will perform a short skit to woo the crowd prior to the start.

Get ready for some vicious healthy rivalry, because teams representing Vanderbilt, TSU, Belmont, Lipscomb and MTSU will compete for bragging rights and…well, pretty much just bragging rights, actually. Awards will be given to the teams with the fastest chariot, the most inventive design, the greatest enthusiasm and, finally, the People’s Choice. Considering that a certain majority of these participants were likely intoxicated when they decided to enter the race, and probably during the design and construction of their racing vehicles, it should be a good show. If that doesn’t incentivize you to come out, I don’t know what will.

So, if you want plenty of hysterical designs, unforgettable moments and maybe some free swag, check out the Red Bull Chariot Race tomorrow in Centennial Park. Chariot display and voting begins at 7pm; the races start at 8pm.