Random Prizes: The History Channel

I know that there aren’t a lot of people using Foursquare yet, and I can completely understand it. It’s sort of weird that if you check in somewhere people can see that and I don’t think that a lot of people have really been able to associate any real benefits for it. Yeah, sometimes a place will that a “Foursquare special,” but I have yet to actually visit one of those place.

As noted in my contributors bio I’m a big fan of history stuff. When I was a kid and had a day off of school I was more likely to spend it watching the History Channel than cartoons or soaps or whatever. The History Channel and I go way back in that regard, so when I found out that they were bringing Foursqure content (unlock history in your city) to Nashville I decided to follow them.

About a month ago I got a message from them saying that I won a prize pack just for following them on Foursquare. Apparently they picked someone in each of their markets and I was the lucky Nashvillian.

I won a ton of stuff, including a grill set, a picnic basket, a 1935 replica Monopoly board game, a cooler/camping grill, and the book America: the Story of Us.

Sheesh, not bad for not doing anything.

The other day I finally got everything in the mail. I laughed out loud when I got it because I hadn’t realized that everything would have the History Channel logo on it. I didn’t realize that the History Channel even sold grill sets! I tried to take a picture of everything, but as you can see it didn’t all fit in the picture frame. It had everything I like in a good prize: it came in a big box and had a lot of stuff in it. It just goes to show you that sometimes really good things happen in completely random ways. Huzzah!

Look at all those fine products. Thanks to the History Channel I might even learn how to grill.



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