Dia De Los Muertos Fall Festival at Cheekwood

I feel like every time a holiday comes around I’m here blogging about how it’s my favorite holiday. Well, here’s the truth of the matter, Halloween is totally my favorite holiday (this week), and I’m going to be celebrating at least part of the Halloween weekend at Cheekwood.

For the past 11 years Cheekwood has been holding their annual Day of the Dead festival. It’s a celebration of Mexican culture and their version of Halloween. There will be crafts, different activities, food, and tons of different vendors there. There will also be alters for the dead, but I don’t know if that’s exactly a selling point.

But here’s the thing, though Cheekwood members and everyone under the age of 18 gets in free, us poor old fogies have to pay $15, which is totally crap and will honestly probably keep me from going. Come on Cheekwood, no student discounts? No broke blogger discount? $15 is kind of a lot of money to pay to get into an event where you’re expected to buy things like food and art. I hate that kind of crap.

So, if you’re a member of Cheekwood, a parent with lots of kids to entertain, or are a high school student/could pass as a high school student then this event is free for you. If you’re not, well, I don’t know, it’s completely possible that this event is worth $15. Hell, it probably is. Still…I could get 5 Mas Tacos for $15.



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