Ra Ra Riot in-store at Grimey’s

So you didn’t make it over to Grimey’s on Tuesday to nab your spot at the Mumford and Sons in-store next week, I hear yah. Those 130 tickets sold lightning fast, and you were stuck at work/school/jousting camp/whatever. You promised that hot date an “afternoon of a lifetime” (your words, not mine) and now you can’t deliver! Well, never fear, a totally awesome—half-related—free event is going to save your weekend!

Ra Ra Riot will be gracing Nashville with their presence this Saturday (thank God someone is balancing out the Yin Yang Twins…), and they’re starting off their visit with an in-store at Grimey’s! That’s right, 3pm sharp, put on your sharpest costume—Jersey Shore characters prohibited—and head out to Grimey’s for a surely unforgettable performance.

Quick horror story: last year for Halloween weekend—It was on a Saturday—I dressed up as the trick-or-treating Charlie Brown (clever, I know) and my roommate dressed up as the Mortan Salt girl (he’s a dude, so it was clever AND bold). Friday night we prepared our costumes and showed up at a party, only to find that we were the people dressed up. Needless to say, it was pretty awkward…

Grimey’s website says something about Beer:30, so you can at least hope for a TON of “what time is it?” jokes (by the way, the answer is always “Beer: 30”). And think of it as another venue to showcase your incredibly crafty Halloween costume. You’re sure to have a “riot” (forgive me) with Ra Ra Riot at 3pm this Saturday!