Band of Horses at Live on the Green

Hey, remember this past summer when Band of Horses played at the War Memorial? Remember how we gave away a pair of tickets to a person who dressed up like a horse for us?

Well Band of Horses is coming back to Nashville this Thursday, and you don’t have to dress up as a horse to see them for free – you just have to show up!

They’re this week’s Live on the Green headliners, and we at N4F couldn’t be more excited. We’re sad that we aren’t going to get any potentially embarrassing pictures of any of you, but we’re pumped that everyone gets to see an awesome rock band for free.

Everything gets started this Thursday, October 7th at Public Square at about 6:30, 6:45. Here’s the lineup:

I’ll see you guys there. I hope they have the photobooth this week…



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  • Wade

    Can I take an embarrassing photo for free VIP tix?

  • Emily

    Sadly I have no VIP tickets to give.

    But if you want to send an embarrassing picture anyway….