Geeks who Drink at Past Perfect

First of all, I sense a theme with a lot of this week’s blog posts. Lots of alcohol involved this week…

But I digress before I begin! Here’s what’s up: Geeks Who Drink is a weekly pup quiz that takes place at Past Perfect at 8pm sharp. What’s a pup quiz? Well, they don’t really like calling it trivia because it’s not just trivial stuff that you have to be an expert in the subject to know. It’s not a specific subject matter either (like Rock’n’Roll Trivia). Instead it covers a lot of different things, which is great because it means you’re not out the game because you don’t know the subject.

And it’s totally free. With prizes.

Prizes can include a few things. You can win bar cash, free pints, and some really bizarre prizes. And you know how we feel about bizarre prizes (hint: we love that shit).

All you have to do is get a group of up to six friends who know a lot about nothing and show up at Past Perfect on any Wednesday by 8pm. It usually takes about 2 hours to work through a game, but really, why would you go to a pup quiz if you have to be somewhere?

For more info on Geeks who Drink in general check out their website’s FAQ. I found it quite informative myself.

Have fun, and drink up!


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