2-4-1 Tuesdays: Beyond the Edge

Editor’s Note: 2-4-1 Tuesdays is the newest column at N4F. Every week Hilary will tell you where you can get your drink on without being a big spender.

Beyond the Edge is one of my favorite local bars, mostly because there is always a special going on every time I’m there, and I can never pass up cheap booze. Located in East Nashville, on 11th street right next to 3 crow, Beyond the Edge is a seemingly out of place sports bar, but that’s probably why I love it so much. It’s a sports bar without the annoying people, for the most part.

Every Monday through Friday you can expect Happy Hour to include 2-4-1’s on beer AND wells. Like 3 Crow, and unlike most bars, they bring to you a token with your beer so in case you really only want one, but can’t stand to pass up the deal, you’re given the freedom to indulge on a free beer (with token, obviously) at a later date during the Happy Hour; the wells are just served as a double shot, but if you’re feeling wild, it’s definitely the route to go!

Also, there’s an ALL DAY Happy Hour on Sunday with 2-4-1 on beer! Now that’s what I call “keepin’ it holy,” ha! On Tuesday nights you can get your Yazoo 2-4-1 from 7pm to CLOSE. I might be cheap but I love my Yazoo and I know you do too. For all of you Trivia guru’s (this wouldn’t include me because I suck at Trivia), “Yazoo Trivia Showdown” starts at 7:30 pm on Tuesday nights. Thursday nights you can get your draft beers from 7pm-Close. So if you’ve never wandered into Beyond, now you know when the specials are, so please be like me and indulge yourself.

For all of you who don’t care what I say or how I feel about it,

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-7 pm 2-4-1 on beer and wells

Sunday: 2-4-1 Beer 11AM-CL (that is ALL day)

Tuesdays: 2-4-1 Yazoo 7-CL (Trivia @ 7:30)

Thursdays: 2-4-1 Draft 7-Close