Budweiser for Free if You Know Where to Find it

In order to battle the irony of being a foreign-owned “American” brewer, Anheuser-Busch will be infusing something very American into their Budweiser brand with their latest promotion: FREEDOM! Though like all good American rights, this campaign has its limitations. Mainly, the fact that it’s relatively impossible to find out where—or when—the half-million samples will be dished out. That’s approximately 250k 6oz. and 250k 12oz. samples (which comes out to 4.5 million ounces, or 375,000 beers, if you’re keeping track).

Anheuser-Busch has pledged to distribute these samples through mid-October. And they’re launching the giveaway on Wednesday with the “Budweiser National Happy Hour”, during which everyone—particularly the thirsty, under-30 market—is encouraged to “grab some buds”. So, apparently, somewhere in America, there will be free Budweiser within our grasp. But figuring out where that is has proven to be a unique challenge.

If you hear anything let us know.

In the meantime, Budweiser is throwing a commercial, some slogans and an uninspired Facebook app at a promotion that requires an exceptional case of “right place, right time” in their target market. Frustrating? Sure, but nothing to get bent out of shape over. My suggestion: pick up some PBR. This is Nashville, people! And PBR is practically free anyway.


Editors Note: It would appear that local and state laws across the country are preventing any specifics about where you can find free beer from being released. Again, if you hear anything please let us know!