Grimey's Fall Festival 2010: A Day of Potentially Embarrassing CD Purchases

Oh just kidding, there's no CD in here

The weather reports earlier in the week threatened rain in the morning, but today turned out to be the perfect day for a Grimey’s Outdoor Sale.

As many of you know, sometimes the weather at these outdoor sales can leave a lot to be desired. I remember a few instances of it being incredibly hot and a few times when it was either rainy or grossly overcast, but I have to say, today was PERFECT. Usually I have to give up on digging after 20 minutes or so because of the heat, but this time I was able to stay strong and found about 15 things I was pumped for. Among my incredible dollar purchases were two Dixie Chicks CDs, Ra Ra Riot, the soundtrack from the TV show Parenthood and a record by Richard Marx. Yeah, that’s right. Richard Marx. That used to be my JAM when I was like, 5 years old.

Don’t judge me.

That only really shitty part about the sale was something that Grimey’s had nothing to do with and couldn’t really control. For the first time since I’ve been going to those sales a large portion of the CDs I was interested in didn’t actually have the CDs inside the cases. Yeah, someone stole them. I took my mom to the sale this year, and it seemed like everything she picked up, including two copies of Sticky Fingers, didn’t have the CDs in them.

Seriously people, stealing is not the way to go about getting free stuff.

As much as I would have liked to have stayed around for some of the bands (especially Davey Ukulele and the Gag Time Gang), I didn’t get the chance to. I’m sure it was a lot of fun though, as Grimey’s always picks cool acts.

So, do tell, did you guys find anything good in the dollar bin? I promise not to judge you.



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  • Ian M.

    Pretty funny that people stole an album with a name like “Sticky Fingers.” Twice.
    It’s also funny that people feel the need to steal $1 albums, just not in a funny-haha way…

  • Emily

    Yeah, the fact that it was Skicky Fingers that got lifted was not lost on me, hah.

    As for people stealing $1 albums, that really adds up after awhile for Grimey’s, which sucks.

  • Henry Tutor

    Your mom sounds really cool. I hope you had a great time with her.

  • Emily


  • Henry Tudor

    No. Just a N4F fan. Sorry about the typo on my name.